Kid’s Stuff Redux

It’s a travel week for me, and that means no update on my late, lamented project.  Time to cut my losses and move on from the car wars highway.  While I figure out what to do next, here’s a quick shot of my son’s latest acquisition:

Warhammer 40K Cadian Imperial Guard Command Squad

Personally, not a big fan of the Warhammer rulesets.  The one positive, that you can always find an opponent, is offset by just too many weaknesses in the overall system.  Gotta give the GW boys credit, though.  They know how to craft figures with a lot of personality.

Incidentally, there may be a use for my much too large to fit in a box urban terrain after all.  The locals have a semi-monthly-ish wargaming swap meet slash local trade message board.  It didn’t sell on ebay, but might be worth some 40K loot for somebody locally.  If it can score me some Impies for the boy he might just start to show me a little respect.