The Amazon stork finally delivered my latest rules baby, and I couldn’t be a prouder papa.  

I’ve been on the lookout for a decent set of medieval rules for use with my fantasy figures, and bought these largely on the strength of Black Ops.  Much as I love Dumas’ two masterworks, and all the film adaptions of them (yes, even that version of the Three Musketeers,) this period never really floated my wargaming boat.  The reviews of Osprey’s Ronin, another genre that holds no interest, indicated that the rules had a lot to offer.  That plus the cheap early-order price were too much for me to resist.

I haven’t had them for 12 hours yet, but I’ve read them through, and my mind is already racing with anticipation.  All I need to do now is finish the dungeon terrain, paint 60+ miniatures, and whip up or steal a decent cheat sheet and roster.  This really is a hobby for patient people, innit?

I’ll have a detailed review written up shortly.  If things go as planned it will be up at the Castalia House blog some time next week.  They don’t do a whole lot of miniature wargaming over there – their gaming posts are geared more for RPGs and hex and chit wargaming, but the editor as agreed to let me play in their yard for a bit.  It’s recommended reading for tabletop gaming dilettantes of all kinds.