The Barbarian Emperor On The Air


If you already pre-ordered a copy of Barbarian Emperor, thank you.  If you haven’t because you’re still sitting on the fence, here are a couple of interviews that I did over the last week showcasing the work and a whole lot more.  The first video deals with a lot of current event issues, particularly those the difficulties faced by independent authors.  The second takes a more timeless turn as we delve into the deep magic of fantasy cosmologies, alignment, and play styles.  Whether sword and sandal adventure with a hearty sorcery mix tickles your fancy or not, both of these interviews will entertain you – the hosts are universally funny and clever and offer up engaging conversations.


First up is Jon Del Arroz’s Lunchstream, with Katrina:

And the always entertaining and informative Geek Gab with YOUR HOST, ME, DADDY WARPiiiIIIIG! and John McGlynn:

About Jon Mollison

Jon Mollison was weaned at the literary knee of Tolkein, Howard, Moore, and Burroughs. He spent decades wandering in the wilderness of modern genre fiction, wondering when the magic and wonder went out of the world of dragons and space ships. In his darkest hour, he encountered a wise man who handed him the open secrets to crafting works that emulate the stories of the great authors who built the genre. They are easily summarized in but two words: Regress Harder. Now one of the twelve champions of the Pulp Revolution, his self-published works represent a more direct lineage to the tales of action, mystery, romance, virtue, and pure unalloyed adventure than the bland imitations churned out by New York City publishing houses in recent decades.
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