Pascal’s Quarantine

With apologies to the original artist, whose work makes a great point.

Many of the people who are layering up in multiple redundant methods of protection against Bat Soup Revenge are at the same time convinced any questioning of the Official CNN Approved Narrative stems from the mind of a paranoiac.

Yeah, I’m paranoid.  Can you blame me?  The last President of my country ran a star chamber court so that he could drone strike my fellow citizens, and it is increasingly looking like he spear-headed a coup to oust his duly-elected successor.  All the best people are being driven from the Temple of Social Media, and I have a tendency to ask awkward questions.

Heck, I even share counter-narrative analyses like this one:

On 5/2/2020, CDC published the number of deaths from COVID as under 34,000. Surprised? You should be. By all accounts, the US has reported over 67,000 deaths – depending on who you read, confirmed deaths (e.g., The Weekly).

In public.  Where just anyone can see them.  I’d have to be a fool not to be a little paranoid at this point.

And yet…

I wears the masks and practices the distances and washes my hands on the regular.  Why not?  It doesn’t cost anything, and if I’m wrong the worst that happens is a little bit of inconvenience.  On the other hand, if I don’t do those things and I’m wrong the worst thing that happens is that my children are left without a father.  So why not wear the PPE and limit exposure?

Meanwhile, a guy can do these things even as he loads up on ammo demonstrating that something very strange happened behind the scenes, and that a lot of the technocrats who think they know how to micromanage our lives…really don’t.  Even the most trusting of souls outside of the national hot-spot of the ever-mismanaged New York City are starting to realize that something strange is going on in dark corners.  They are trying their best to cover their eyes, but their best takes a lot more effort with every passing week.

Real or not, the post-Coronachan world will look a lot like the pre-CoronaChan world.

Don’t believe me?  Look at how desperate the Mouse Cultists are to attend services at the earliest possible opportunity:

After announcing its reopening on May 11, tickets for Shanghai Disneyland’s first available dates were reportedly snatched up within minutes of going on sale Friday.

The critical difference will be that when things get back to a new abnormal, beneath the masks and behind closed doors, the populace will have been primed to be a lot less trusting and a lot more discontent.  This whole thing is a massive failure for the technocrats, they just aren’t smart enough to realize it yet.