Sudden Rides Again

Finally!  After all too long, the much anticipated third installment of the SuddenVerse can be yours!

Captain EZ Sudden and his wife, the lovely and vivacious princess Karenina, set out to save the Majesterium from a traitorous deep state cabal.  In this thrilling adventure, the pair has to fight through the maze of bureaucracy, stay one jump ahead of the worst agents of humanity, and avoid the dangers of the Syntharchy all while negotiating a peace that all too few power brokers really want.  It’s a sprawling adventure that will take you from the labyrinth of the planetary university bureaucracy, to the heart of the Syntharchy, and down into the bowels of the dankest dungeon in the galaxy.  Fill with all the heart and action you’ve come to expect from Captain Sudden, you won’t want to miss this throwback thrilling adventure.