Adventure Constant

Adventure Constant: A Tale of the Planetary Romantic (Jack Dashing Book 1) by [Mollison, Jon]Jack Dashing thought being a rocket test pilot was the most exciting career his world had to offer. He was right, but he had no idea it would also open the door to a world where action and adventure always lay just around the corner. Within 24 hours of crashing the experimental FYN-X drive, Jack finds himself swept up in a race across the Pacific Ocean to rescue a kidnapped princess from the hands of the Red Collective’s most dangerous agent. So begins a world spanning voyage across two oceans in a world a lot like ours – but one where daring rescues, thrilling chases, and secret plots aren’t just the stuff of novels, they are a part of every day life. Particularly for a man of action like Jack Dashing, the Planetary Romantic.