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Arrival – Part One

Arrival is one of those strange movies that you hear a lot about despite that fact that no one really talks about the movie itself. Now that I’ve seen it, I understand why. On the one hand, any discussion of … Continue reading

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Needs More Bender

“None of this makes any sense,” says the latest bargain bin Ripley in this year’s Alien: Covenant. Truer words were never spoken. What is it about the Alien franchise that makes it so susceptible to climbing up its own butt? … Continue reading

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Hugo Novelette: Touring with the Alien

Tomas Diaz beat me to the punch on this review, and more power to him for that. My review was written without peeking at his.  As you’ll see, he takes a far more cerebral approach to his review, and I … Continue reading

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You’ll Surely Drown

You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay by Alyssa Wong has been nominated for a Hugo Award, and since the online conversation about the Hugo Awards is driven primarily by what authors look like, it might be nice to take a … Continue reading

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The Elfs Control Hollywood

Skip the film, play the game. The title to this post hit me like a brick while reading John C. Wright’s The Swan Knight’s Son. Given that elfs serve as the primary antagonists in a world where they represent the … Continue reading

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Dipping a Toe in the #NewPulp Waters

You may have noticed that I talk a big game.  Well, over on twitter, Barry Reese called me out.  When I opined in 140 characters or less that the New Pulp writers trade on the term pulp by slapping on … Continue reading

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