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The Pre-Tolkein Challenge

Alexandru Constantine, the barbarian book clubber, has an intriguing idea that should appeal to all fans of fantastic literature. In his words… Identify 3 Fantasy stories written before Lord of the Rings was published. 3 stories written before 1954. Review … Continue reading

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Modern Sci-Fi, A House Build on Sand

By way of a comment at the Castalia House Blog, an interesting analysis of the shifting sands of The  Politics of Star Trek by Tim Sandefeur.  Worth noting is how the modern refusal to ground Star Trek in the fertile soil … Continue reading

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Appendix N: The Generation Gaps

The recent series of posts over at Vox Popoli relating to the sins of the Baby Boomers and GenXers set my mind wandering down strange paths. That the true giants Burroughs, Howard, Moore, and E.E. Doc Smith were forgotten and the … Continue reading

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Salon Admits Jeffro Was Right

Jeffro’s detractors have called him a crackpot conspiracy theorist for daring to point out the concerted effort by major publishing houses filthy with secular midwits and tedious intersectionalists to commandeer the ship of science-fiction and steer it away from the … Continue reading

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They Know

Politics is downstream from culture.  One of the reasons that the publishers in New York are doing everything they can to isolate independent writers and publishers like Castalia House is that they know it plays a vital role in establishing … Continue reading

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