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Halloween – A Christian Holiday

Time once again for your annual reminder that in a lot of ways the secular holiday of Halloween is, in fact, one of the single most Christian holidays celebrated by Americans. It is a unique blend of sacred and civic … Continue reading

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Sunday Mornings At the Secular Church

Every once in a while, just to keep my lie detector sharp, I like to tune into NPR for a little while.  It’s a great way to stay dialed in to the latest iteration of whether we are at war … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather

I’m really late to the party on this “Black Pigeon Speaks”.  Now sure how, this cat is a bird after my own heart. We have the names and identities of the major anti-anti-fascists.  That’s courage. There has yet to be … Continue reading

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What A Lovely Day

GamerGate hit the world at a time when my participation on sociable media was at an ebb.  With kids, a new house, and a host of other excuses, I was at best a sideline supporter.  The big events like Operation: … Continue reading

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More Concrete Writing Advice

Today’s writing advice comes from the department of “you should have learned this in high school, but didn’t.” Jesse Abraham Lucas isn’t just the advice giving sort.  Instead of opining that somebody should start a website for the #PulpRev, he went out … Continue reading

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Appendix N: The Generation Gaps

The recent series of posts over at Vox Popoli relating to the sins of the Baby Boomers and GenXers set my mind wandering down strange paths. That the true giants Burroughs, Howard, Moore, and E.E. Doc Smith were forgotten and the … Continue reading

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Just Getting Started

What you’re looking at here is the original starter from a 200 Land Rover Discovery II.  Resquiat en pace, little starter, seventeen years was a good run. Replacing one of these things is as simple as disconnecting two wires, and undoing … Continue reading

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The High Cost of The Narrative

Earlier this week two similar, yet very different, murder sprees cost the lives of innocent Americans. In fine Fake News fashion, the AP originally reported…well, take a look:   Note that the correction doubles down on the misleading story.  The man shouted, … Continue reading

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What Hugo Discussions Reveal

Take it away Eleanor! Reading through coverage of this year’s Hugo nominated works, both in mainstream media and in the on-line circles thrilled by the results of E. Pluribus Unum, it’s striking how little conversation there is about…you know…the works … Continue reading

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Fake Arguments

Brace yourself for incoming stupidity, internet.  Recently, the Supreme Dark Lord explained why the appellation “fake” is a two-megaton blast of nuclear rhetoric.  Within 48 hours, I’d already seen the peanut gallery wielding the term “fake” in a hamfisted, Peebee-esque … Continue reading

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