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The Pre-Tolkein Challenge

Alexandru Constantine, the barbarian book clubber, has an intriguing idea that should appeal to all fans of fantastic literature. In his words… Identify 3 Fantasy stories written before Lord of the Rings was published. 3 stories written before 1954. Review … Continue reading

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The Backlog – Fat and Happy

The  year of our Lord 2017 was a banner year for the #PulpRev crowd.  In addition to picking up a lot of new talent, and a lot of established talent, the Bad Kids Table in the sci-fi cafeteria produced more … Continue reading

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The PulpRev Sampler

Maybe you’ve been sitting on the fence, not sure whether these loud mouthed PulpRev guys really can back up their pulp talk with a little pulp walk.  No doubt, the crowd has an online swagger and confidence about their understanding … Continue reading

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Why PulpRev?

Late in the most recent episode of Geek Gab, the inestimable host asks (relative) newcomer to the PulpRev a very interesting question: Why Pulp Revolution?  Her answer  (at 35:00) is very telling: “The enthusiasm.” It was great to hear that … Continue reading

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EXTANT! publishing announced its intentions back in June: More than ever, there’s space in the market for new ideas and new voices – and that means there need to be plenty of dynamic new venues where the emerging writers can … Continue reading

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The Company He Keeps

Looking down the length of the barricades in the culture war on which I stand, I see nothing by faces I’m proud to fight alongside: Makes me feel like one of the Gondorian knights standing behind Aragorn and Gimli and Théoden King … Continue reading

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Dragon Awards – The Allied Vote

It’s award time for fans of fantasy and science fiction, and that can mean only one thing – DragonCon ballots are up and ready for completion.  The red fiery trophy is the new hotness that all the cool kids want to … Continue reading

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It’s Research, Not Gravedancing

My morning commute has slowly evolved into the Diversity and Comics Roadshow.  For those not in the know, the nameless creator of this YouTube series talks comics.  Usually, he reviews a single issue of a comic book, but he also … Continue reading

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The Ideological Conquest of Science Fiction Literature

A must watch over-view that explains the ongoing revolution in science-fiction.  Much of this is old hat for the PulpRev crowd,  but it offers a nice, concise explanation and fills in a few gaps for the newcomers.

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A Newcomer’s View of the PulpRev

Dominika Lein, author of, I, The One, posted an in-depth look at her experience with the #PulpRev.  It’s gratifying to read about her experiences, as this is exactly the spirit that I’ve been pushing within the community.  I’ve lifted a … Continue reading

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