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Short Post on Short Fiction

Reading more short fiction allows the easily digestible chunks of fiction to fit neatly into my modern, family-oriented lifestyle.  At the end of a day of back-breaking labor spent repairing a crumbling stone wall (and the multiple runs to the … Continue reading

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Dragon Awards – The Allied Vote

It’s award time for fans of fantasy and science fiction, and that can mean only one thing – DragonCon ballots are up and ready for completion.  The red fiery trophy is the new hotness that all the cool kids want to … Continue reading

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On Romance

“Wait.  So you like romance, Dad?” My teen daughter asked this perfectly legitimate question in the middle of house cleaning, interrupting one of my typical soliloquies on the problems of modern storytelling.  (If you think the PulpRev-o-Sphere is bad, trying … Continue reading

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The Rock of Bronze

It’s official, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play the titular role of Doc Savage on the big screen.  Apparently, it’s been official for a while now, and I’m late to the party.  My guess is that the news washed over … Continue reading

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Available Now: A Moon Full Of Stars

With only a month left in the hunting season, a young man faces the final days of his rite-of-passage.  Rome always dreamed of being a hunter for the village.  The hunters are daring men who get to explore the world … Continue reading

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Looking for some fast action at the lowest price possible? Bryce Beattie has a deal for you.  It isn’t clear how long this deal will stick around, but for now you can get the first issue of StoryHack for free.  … Continue reading

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Geek Gab: The Enmollisoning

In case you missed it, the Geek Gab trio invited me to share a few thoughts on reading and writing this past weekend.  It’s not too late to drink from the well of my wisdom, or feast at the table … Continue reading

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Modern Pulp Adventure

Not the official mock-up cover, but a man can dream… It’s been done before, but never quite like this. A G-plus discussion on the suitability of the pulp ethos for tales set in the modern world got completely out of … Continue reading

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David J West – First Impressions

You see this maniac right here?  He’s where the #PulpRevolution rubber meets the literary market road. Jesse Lucas wrote a great review of his Fangs of the Dragon, and then he started cropping up all over the place in my Twitter … Continue reading

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Story Hack – Submissions Open

Hello, fellow authors!  Bryce Beattie didn’t learn anything from watching Cirsova.  Like Alex, he loves pulpy fun more than he loves money and free time.  In order to keep the twin scourges of disposable income and sleep at bay, he has put out … Continue reading

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