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Living in Omelas

Spoilers ahoy!  You’ve been warned.  I was holding out for today, but Emperor Ponders ain’t got no time for people who wait too long to read the good stuff.  His summary of “Law of the Wolves” is note perfect.  He … Continue reading

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When Did I Become A Comic Book Fan?

Or, more precisely, when did I re-become a comic book fan? Like many Gen-Xers, the bright colors and heroic escapades of pre-1980 comics called to me from spinner racks in grocery stores and the last few lingering drug stores, a … Continue reading

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Wild Stars III

Cirsova is at it again: Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars have a history in print going back nearly 35 years. In the Wild Stars, the stakes are high and the scale is grandiose. Aeons ago, a godlike being led an exodus … Continue reading

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Candyland 2.0

Late last year I tried to turn my four year old daughter into a proper hex-and-counter wargamer by running her through the first few scenarios of Advanced Squad Leader, but she just cannot ever remember to pop smoke before rushing … Continue reading

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Planetary Defense Awards – 2017 Ballot

January means that it’s time to start thinking about awards season.  And when it comes to sci-fi, the hot new award on the block is the Planetary Awards. This year, I’m going to go with “The Last American” for the … Continue reading

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A First Rate Second Chance

“Thrust into the savage Martian past, Garvey Dire must solve the mystery of time in a world of alien monsters and brutal violence or see his own world destroyed by war.” I’m currently reading Dire Planet, a novel by Joel … Continue reading

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For the Deus Vulters

Alternatively, “A Reminder: Catholic’s Who Support Socialism are Heretics” If you’ve never heard of Taylor Marshall – founder of the New Saint Thomas Institute, Thomist, former Episcopalian Priest, and father of eight(!) – represents an antidote to the cancer of Father James Martin.  While far more … Continue reading

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Short Post on Short Fiction

Reading more short fiction allows the easily digestible chunks of fiction to fit neatly into my modern, family-oriented lifestyle.  At the end of a day of back-breaking labor spent repairing a crumbling stone wall (and the multiple runs to the … Continue reading

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EXTANT! publishing announced its intentions back in June: More than ever, there’s space in the market for new ideas and new voices – and that means there need to be plenty of dynamic new venues where the emerging writers can … Continue reading

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Backing A Book You Can’t Read

My cover artist, Rapha Pinheiro, launched his crowd funding project for his next comicbook: Salto is a Fantasy Steampunk, written and drawn in France when I was living in Angoulême to study comics. The book tells the story of Nu, an … Continue reading

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