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It’s Research, Not Gravedancing

My morning commute has slowly evolved into the Diversity and Comics Roadshow.  For those not in the know, the nameless creator of this YouTube series talks comics.  Usually, he reviews a single issue of a comic book, but he also … Continue reading

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Unexpected Classical Music

Lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of saxophone quartet music while writing.  Saxophone quartets are grossly underrated.  String quartets get the headlines because in the small parlors of the 1700s, the lightweight and soft tones didn’t blast the audience seated just a few … Continue reading

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Gingerbread Wolves: The Non-Spoilery Discussion

The Book of Lost Doors wraps up with one heck of a bang.  Misha sticks the landing.  The American judge gives him a 9.5! There’s not much to say about it that won’t detract from your own enjoyment of the … Continue reading

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The Worms of Heaven

Misha Burnette’s “Book of Lost Doors” series has become my dessert reading. A large chunk of the reading that I do these days is dedicated towards a purpose.  I’m beta-reading as many novels as possible.  I read to help the Castalia … Continue reading

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Kansai Cowboy

One of my Twitterbros has been publishing a serialized novel, one week at a time, over on  M. T. White’s Kansai Cowboy tells the tale of an older Texas Ranger sucked into a crime investigations that hits too close … Continue reading

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Comics Exposure

Comic book fandom is one of those things that I’ve accreted through sheer osmosis.  Love the concept, love the culture, but never had the time, never had the money, but always had friends with both.  Whether it was reading an … Continue reading

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StoryHack, Issue Zero

Bryce Beattie recently put out the first issue of his action/adventure magazine as a proof-of-concept.  As a contributing author, for me to write a review of the magazine would be a bad idea.   But I’m going to do it anyway! … Continue reading

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New Release: Crazy Horses

Crazy Horses is now available on David J. West is the king of the weird west.  But he writes too fast. I haven’t found time to read Scavengers yet, let alone free up space for the second book in … Continue reading

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Watch Out!

I’ve made no secret about my hopes to read more works by the Old Reliables out there in the #PulpRevolution blog-o-sphere.  Well, Jesse Abraham Lucas isn’t content to sit around waiting.  Jesse is putting together an anthology: Back in the day a … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

These two books are nothing alike.   Just Whomever’s book is a biting parody filled with in-jokes and digs at John Scalzi.  It’s a fevered dream, descent into madness style narrative that barely hangs together, by design. Johann Kalsi’s book is … Continue reading

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