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Unexpected Classical Music

Lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of saxophone quartet music while writing.  Saxophone quartets are grossly underrated.  String quartets get the headlines because in the small parlors of the 1700s, the lightweight and soft tones didn’t blast the audience seated just a few … Continue reading

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Rocket’s Red Glare

Who says short fiction is dead?  Not Kieth West: “From distant galaxies to the mean streets of Hollywood . . . from the war-torn skies of France in 1918 to the far side of the moon . . . The … Continue reading

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Modern Pulp Adventure

Not the official mock-up cover, but a man can dream… It’s been done before, but never quite like this. A G-plus discussion on the suitability of the pulp ethos for tales set in the modern world got completely out of … Continue reading

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Cirsova Four, Part One

This was a long time coming.  Cirsova Issue #4 has been in my hands for months, this copy has travelled across the Pacific twice, and I’m just now getting around to reading through it.  There just aren’t enough hours in … Continue reading

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An Evolving Canon

A canon need not be a static thing.  Even the canonical example of a canon – that of the Roman Catholic church – changes over time.  Additional knowledge, wisdom, and study, can all add detail, depth, and breadth to a … Continue reading

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Find Your Own Gatekeeper

Look at this thing from HuffPo: It would be easy to go after the low-hanging fruit here.  This woman you’ve never heard of has written three memoirs.  Three.  Because her life is just that interesting.  She is a “journalist”. Because … Continue reading

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New Schedule

Source Between writing my own little novellas, keeping up with posting on three blogs (that I’ll admit to), and now working on recording a pair of new books for Castalia House, the cup that holds my free time workload truly doth runneth … Continue reading

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The Shallows: A Female Protagonist Done Right

The Seagull does not talk about movies very often.  For the most part, he only looks at Hollywood through the rearview mirror.  They clearly don’t like me.  They’ve made that fact abundantly clear over the last few years.  They might want … Continue reading

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Down the Dragon Hole

Click to buy After the heavy mythic fare of Thune’s Vision, Make Death Proud to Take Us serves as a light chaser – at least the stories I’ve read from it so far. Down The Dragon Hole, by Morgon Newquist, is … Continue reading

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More Hernstrom: Thune’s Vision

Click to buy There truly is no writer working today who better exemplifies the Pulp Revolution than Schuyler Hernstrom.  I know what you’re thinking, but talking about what we’re reading lately is the point of this exercise, and I’ve been reading Hernstrom, … Continue reading

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