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All It Takes

If you want to save your culture, this is all it takes: All the bitching about how bad mainstream comics have become feels great, but while it’s fun to complain the world needs viable alternatives.  Anonymous here asked a neutral … Continue reading

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Heroes Unleashed, Unleashed

Thank you to everyone who backed the first phase of the Heroes Unleashed kickstarter. It fully funded in just 11 hours, and now we have three more weeks to push for as many of those Bonus Rewards as possible before time … Continue reading

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The Pre-Tolkein Challenge

Alexandru Constantine, the barbarian book clubber, has an intriguing idea that should appeal to all fans of fantastic literature. In his words… Identify 3 Fantasy stories written before Lord of the Rings was published. 3 stories written before 1954. Review … Continue reading

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Mortu and Kyrus

Walk, don’t run, to your local Amazon store and download Schuyler Hernstrom’s latest work.  Mortu and Kyrus rocks.  It’s as good as anything he’s written, and contains some major twists that make discussions of the book difficult without ruining the … Continue reading

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Sparks Are Going To Fly

Yeah, I backed Jon Del Arroz’s comickal book.  Why haven’t you? Twelve bucks for 66 pages compares favorably with the big boys, but I have a lot more faith in Jon to deliver a solid adventure tale that doesn’t insult … Continue reading

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When Did I Become A Comic Book Fan?

Or, more precisely, when did I re-become a comic book fan? Like many Gen-Xers, the bright colors and heroic escapades of pre-1980 comics called to me from spinner racks in grocery stores and the last few lingering drug stores, a … Continue reading

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Wild Stars III

Cirsova is at it again: Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars have a history in print going back nearly 35 years. In the Wild Stars, the stakes are high and the scale is grandiose. Aeons ago, a godlike being led an exodus … Continue reading

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Why PulpRev?

Late in the most recent episode of Geek Gab, the inestimable host asks (relative) newcomer to the PulpRev a very interesting question: Why Pulp Revolution?  Her answer  (at 35:00) is very telling: “The enthusiasm.” It was great to hear that … Continue reading

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The Tide Rises

Good news for all of those prognosticators who predicted a resurgence in short fiction.  It’s not just you and your closest internet neighbors who believe it.  Check out this message from the world of tabletop RPGs.  Goodman Games, the cats … Continue reading

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Adventure Constant: Exuberant Adventure

Somebody gets it: The explanation of the title of this exuberant adventure comes about three-fourths of the way into the book, and is so original and droll—well, and so outlandish—that when I came to it I laughed out loud. By … Continue reading

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