More Billboards

A couple of billboards ought to help break up the monotony of the autoduel patch of highway.  Keeping this a local affair I whipped up a handful of local kine ads.

Things get a little complicated at this point.  Here in Hawaii, the home of your humble blogger, there’s an outfit called Outdoor Circle.  These cats are dedicated to, among other things, keeping any and all billboards off the highways.  That means we’re gonna have to assume that the Outdoor Circle lost some influence during the food and fuel riots.  Oh, they’ll still be around, but in my little ‘verse they’ve changed their goals to be more in line with the autoduel zeigeist:

Gotta be honest on this one, not sure what “Defend Hawaii” means.  It’s a really popular local t-shirt logo, but normally you see it with an M-16 rather than a tricked out Div 5 car with front mounted machine gun and spike plates on the front.  I did a simple swap to update the defend Hawaii meme for the 2030s.

Eddie Aikau is a local hero who sacrificed his life to save others by attempting to paddle 12 miles across the open ocean on a surfboard.  They named the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational surf contest in Waimea Bay after him.  That’s the one that they only hold when waves are banging at 20-plus feet.  Nowadays, “Eddie Would Go” is a common slogan you see on bumper stickers, shirts, and whatevas – mainly to indicate that you’re not afraid of a little big surf.  No surprise so see that Eddie’s spirit lives on in the days of autoduelling.

Every highway needs at least one billboard advertising foodstuffs for the hungry autoduellist.  I already used Soylent Green on an arena billboard once, so I had to come up with a different future food.  What could be better than Futurama’s Slurm?  The local kine Slurm – Plate Lunch style!  Plate Lunch is the local vernacular for a six dollar styrofoam box filled with a little meat, a little cole slaw, and a heckuva lotta carbs.
You can click on and use these boards on your own terrain if you want.  They are so local in flavor, that they probably won’t do you a whole lot of good.  But trust me, these things are gonna crack people up at the game days in Honolulu.