Wargame Resources

I don’t have much, but what I have is often requested.  So here’s a one-stop resource to find whatever little odds-n-ends I’ve made in the past that might help you in the future.  I’ll add more as they become available.

Character Sheets

Campaigns I’ve Run

These aren’t the only campaigns I’ve run, naturally.  They are the campaigns large and involved enough – and of sufficient interest to outside parties – to warrant management via dedicated blog.

  • Rise of the Orc Lords – A multi-player hex-based domain game also known as Decembork.  Ended December 2022.
  • The Sneedville War – A black powder era imaginations campaign fought in western Tennessee. Ended late 2022.
  • Chosen Men On Campaign – A two-player map-based skirmish campaign that’s all about the looting.  Ended December 2021.