Two For The Road(side)

Slapped together some stands for the billboards.  The ads were designed and printed on a standard printer then glued to each side of a…whatever you call that thick cardstock they use for mounting artwork.  It’s roughly 2mm thick and makes a great backing and decent stands for the billboards.  You can get 8×10 sheets for a buck at the local framing shop.
Those are 20mm figs for scale.

For the boards themselves, I hot glued bamboo skewers cut to size around the cardstock.  I drilled four small holes in the base to give them a little more stability.  These will look better once I paint the wood frames and gussy up the stands a bit.  Think I’ll wait until I’m done with the roads first, though – I want to try and match the stands to my terrain boards to make the transition as seamless as possible.