Ideal Idylls of the Idle Rat King

Work progresses on the sewers.  Black spray paint, white drybrush on the tiles, and one tile grayed up a bit.  The color gradations on this terrain are subtle; they are the details that you only don’t notice when they aren’t there.  Here’s a comparison of the white (left) with gray applied (right):

With all of the stone tiles completely painted, the terrain looks like this:

 These are sewers, to there’s even a bit of green, just the faintest hint of green, drybrushed onto the tiles.  Click on these for a close-up.  Here’s a single tile so that you can see a bit better.

Next step is to paint in the sewage and the dirt into which the sewers were dug.  Actually, that’s already done, but I’m going to wait one more day to show them to you.  Don’t worry – I’ll spare you the tedious details on painting the sewage and the dirt – tomorrow will be the finished product.

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