The Dungeon: Level 8 – Spider Warrens

These caves and cold, dank, and unfriendly.  The halls of this level are only 6 feet high, but the cavern roofs vault high above.  The rough and uneven floor is covered by a thin layer of hard scrabble that makes finding your footing tricky.  Not so for the eight legged beasts that roam the walls and roofs of this part of The Dungeon.  Their webs stretch across the narrow halls, hard to spot by the flickering light of torches or lanterns, and harder to spot by the steady light of magic sources.

This part of The Dungeon is ruled by the Spiderking, an intelligent planar spider who settled here to raise a large clutch of eggs safe from his rivals.  He prefers to talk to his meals before sucking them dry; a character trapped in the spider’s den may find his wits his last hope for freedom.  A freedom that comes with a price – the Spiderking does not forgo his meals lightly.  He will demand a high price for freedom.

The spiders who followed their king to this cavern love to scuttle about above the light and drop onto unsuspecting prey below.  They scurry and dash about above the blocking webs, attacking from unseen corners whenever possible.  They work in tandem to flank invaders and lure them into their webs.

The Dungeon: Level 8 – Spider Warrens This is the most accessible of the deeper and more dangerous levels in The Dungeon. The only thing separating lowly adventurers from the giant spiders is a wade through hip deep water.  The ledge between this area and Level 4 is covered by thick sticky ropes of webbing, and the Man-spiders will investigate anyone hacking their way through.  The site of these giant beasts and their long spears (which can attack through the webbing long before a path is cleared)_ should be enough to scare off all but the strongest and/or most foolhardy adventurers.