More Bash for Your Cash

Every time a new package comes in the mail, it reminds me of why I love love love working in 10mm.  This load of guys right here cost me about twenty bucks:

Twenty-seven figures.  Or I could have had five GW
figures.  Good luck stocking a dungeon at those prices.
This shot doesn’t even include the 2 troll figures that are too big for my bases or the five lizardmen banner carriers that weren’t what I expected.  You’d think that a blister of ‘command’ would include leader types and maybe a wizard, but not in this case.  They got chucked in the scrap box – the skulls on the banner tops may come in handy someday.
Those of you who have been following The MegaDungeon posts will recognize this horde of figures as residents of Level 6 – The Brutes – the minotaurs and their ogre slaves.  The trolls waving their hands can show up anywhere, and the little guys there are the human sized heroes.  The colorful one on the right was painted by my 7 year old daughter – start ’em young!  She’s also the graphic designer I hired for International Anklebiter Illustration Day.