Landing Pad – Post-Paint

With this landing pad, I finally pulled the trigger on the whole ‘sponsoring megacorp’ thing.  This colony is brought to you by the fine folks at Buy ‘N Large.  Anybody know where I can find a suitable Wall-E miniature?  Scale doesn’t matter, if they are 25mm scale, they’ll just serve as Wall-A or even Wall-I mining bots.

There’s less to this build than it looks.  Just more random odds and sods.  Thick poster mount for the pad and ramp, bamboo skewers for the struts, and toothpicks for the safety railing.  The tricky part was that walkway up to the landing pad; I cut the width to suit and then just hand trimmed off a few millimeters until I got the length right.  Even at that, the miniatures still slide down to the bottom.  The blue plants and rocks will help it look like it belongs with the rest of the table.