Strategery, Blog Style

Here’s the thing.  I’m working on a new urban terrain board at the moment, and for the most part using standard construction and detailing techniques.  Rather than repeat what others have said numerous times, I’m just gonna chime in and point out new little wrinkles on the old stand bys.
For example, here’s a shot of the cereal box details that will make mache boxes from the craft store look like actual homes and buildings.  Nothing spectacular here, except for the black circles – those are the covers to ear-plug style headphones.  They should make decent vent covers.

Hey look, they are glued to the walls now.  What’s new here is the use of stitch fabric (aka “granny grating”) for ladders.  These look so much better than the zip ties used in the rocket, and were a lot easier to attach.  The position of those ladders is a whole blog post in itself (watch this space).
One thing that I’m struggling with here is how to make this terrain really unique.  The world has enough spiky-skulls-and-industrial-decay terrain, and we’ve all seen a number of different desert colonies or martian terrain.  These look boxy right now, and pretty typical.  I’ve been googling sci-fi pulp novel covers for a while, looking for a way to pulp these up.  I figure they’ll be concrete or white with some bright colors and trim, but haven’t decided on a final color scheme yet.

Here’s some ground scatter cover counters with drums made from bits yanked out of an old electronic keyboard.  This isn’t a new trick, so this is the sort of thing I’ll avoid for cool stuff, like the ladders, coming tomorrow…

Next up, ladders… (surprise!)