Shoots and Ladders

Before we get to the ladders, we’re going to let the suspense simmer for just a few more minutes to look at another little trick.  In addition to the ladders, this terrain has three staircases.  They are made from art matting board and use the “figure base sized stair treads” convention we wargamers have seen a dozen times before.  

So what’s new here?  What’s new is that your humble blogger took his head out of his butt long enough during construction to look ahead by 20 minutes.  Specifically, he made sure that the new stairs would be small enough that the small buildings would fit into the larger ones for storage, like so.

In your face, lack of foresight!

Not only that, but I paid attention to the ladders as well.  This stuff is modular, right?  And that means you want it to look good however you stack it, and that means no ladders that start in mid-air.  So I made sure that the ladders could line up in a lot of different ways, too, like this.

Or this.

And that last one is double slick because not only does the ladder goes all the way to the top, but the stairs don’t drop off into space.  You can set these things up in a whole mess of different  ways.

Now if only I could figure out how to build bridges that fit on both types of rootops – with and without balconies.

Next up, bridges!