Foam Core Cruisers

Turns out those deodorant bottles are frigates, and we’re moving on to assembling the cruisers and battleships.  At least that’s the terminology for Full Thrust.
The first attempt at the bigger class ships didn’t go so well.  The plan was to fill odd shaped shampoo bottles with Great Stuff foam, wait for that to harden to give the bottles more internal stability, and start slapping on bits from there.  After 24-hours, the foam inside the bottles were no closer to hardening than they were after one hour.  So those got put into the circular file, and Plan B put into action.  
Plan B for this project is basically the same as Plan B for every wargame project of mine – foam core.  Lots and lots of foamcore.  A big sheet of foamcore provided enough material for the skeletons of three cruisers and one fleet carrier.  Here’s an example of the skeleton side by side with a detailed ship ready for painting.

We’re looking at all sorts of bits and bobs there.  The most recognizable are the Schick disposable razor handles, bamboo skewers, the top of a 25-cent ball for a dome, and a toothpaste tube cap for the thruster.  It’ll look way better painted up.
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