First Ever Milliput Conversions

Well now, here’s a thing.  Two part epoxy putty for conversions.  Let’s start with something small and easy – adding helmets to armored orcs from’s Space Viking line.  How hard can it be?  I’ve worked with small details.  I’ve spent hours working with clay.  I’ve even read two whole tutorials on this.  It’ll be a breeze.  It’ll be a snap.  It’ll be…
Cue the foghorn “wah wah” sound effect.  Oh what price hubris.  These helmets are okay and suitably orcy, but man are they lumpy.  This can be fixed with a few coats of paint to smooth them out, right?
Halfway there

Oh, also, the only milliput the local friendly gaming shop had was some sort of terracotta, so I’m using “red dirt stuff” instead of green stuff.

Let’s just close out with a comparison shot to make this post worth something.  These armored boys tower over the dwarves, and are hefty compared to humans, so this should work out okay in the long run.

Size comparison