AAR: The Necromancer Meets A Grisly End

Tonight saw the Abox clan rip off a quick game of Song of Blades and Heroes, our first proper game of the fantasy flavor of Ganesha Games’ lineup.  Everyone got involved, even the baby.  How’s that for a thin excuse to bore you with baby pictures?  Hey, she’s holding a Pendraken 10mm ogre, so technically this counts as a miniature wargame photo.

Of course she desperately wanted to pop that ogre in her mouth.
Should have given her 28mm figures – lot harder to choke on those.

Our forces tonight consisted of the Necromancer (3/1) and his retinue of eight skeletons (3/2) and one lizardman assistant (3/3). This poor innocent wizard was passing through a dark wood one pleasant night when they were viciously accosted by a troop of vile, thuggish ogres.

Skeletal bowmen, wizard, lizardman, and skeletal warriors.
Bored and looking for trouble, the ignorant and probably syphilitic ogre known only as Warchief (4/4), prowled the area with four nasty, brutish, and short tempered thugs (4/4) and their pet/watchdog, the Troll (5/4).
Warchief, three warriors, a shooter, and the Troll.

This pleasant land of odd trees, a babbling brook, and the ruins of an ancient temple looks calm, but a storm is brewing.

Limited terrain selection for this outing.

You can expect a full AAR sooner rather than later, but the biggest take home lesson for this first game is that I don’t have near enough terrain for fantasy.  A stream, a couple of trees, and a few hedges doesn’t provide nearly enough visual interest or tactical challenges.  This field needs some genuine woods and hills.

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