Song of Guns and Tedium

Man, I have got to find some decent scenarios for Flying Lead.  The boy and I lined up 450 points worth of evenly matched forces against each other and just did a shoot-em-til-they’re-dead match.  This time it was his space mercs (GZG) attacking my police force.  After more than 2 hours, it was clear I was going to lose, but that it would take another couple of hours.


Alley firefight!

We really need to chase down some escort missions, or grab and runs, or something.  Maybe I’ll peruse the Necormunda rules or make up a deck of mission cards for the next match.

The view from the winning side.

We also found that having lots of cool skills (me) is just as expensive as having decent activation, but doesn’t do nearly as much good at the table.  His mooks outperformed my skill laden specialists dramatically.  Next fight we’ll use a couple of heroes on each side supported by more easy to run mooks.