Berfday Case

My big birthday present this year turned out to be a new miniature carrying case.  The Almost Awesome Storage Case just wasn’t cutting the proverbial mustard any more.  My collection is getting wider and more varied, so it was time for a change.  Behold the Plano 1362 2-by Rack System, a tackle box designed for the modern miniature wargamer.  Also for sci-fi and fantasy wargamers.  If you click on the link above you’ll see the “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought” is dominated by X-Wing players.
So what’s with the “Thick Grip” roll of cupboard lining paper?  That’s my secret weapon.  The plastic trays/drawers that come with this bad boy are really, really slick.  Some people line them with magnetic paper to hold their washer mounted minis in place.  I don’t always use washers for my minis, because some manufacturers use really thick bases on their miniatures.  (I’m looking at you, GZG.)   
This particular brand of shelf liner paper grips without adhesives, so while your figures don’t slide, they don’t get coated with adhesives.  It’s also very soft – almost spongelike – so when the inevitable slips and spills happen, your figures lie down on a soft surface and still don’t slide around.  With sheet magnets a figure that falls rattles all over in a fully hard lined case.

FYI for those of you shopping for one of these, the Plano 3700 4-By Rack System is similar.  It comes with four drawers, but I can’t recommend it for two reasons.  For one thing, it’s total footprint is smaller, so you don’t have that much more storage room.  For another thing, the drawers are a lot shorter, so if you have any outsized figures (like my space dwarf battle-mechs – the purple guys in the second shot) they won’t fit in the rack.
The top case would be great for vehicles or the big monster figures.  Mine holds separate cases for the armies with lots of figures – in this case my space dwarves (left) and my big green alien bug horde (right).
Hope this helps those of you looking for a great case.