Big Box Terrain, Part Five

Reality check!  Now that the new box has a nice selection of terrain, it’s time to verify that the terrain will fit into the box with room left over for the armies.  The armies aren’t here yet, so I cut some rough bases out of paper to see how everything would fit together.

Right.  So.  Those “bases” are two by three inches, or about sixty square inches.  As you can see, one army of ten bases will fill about two-thirds of a blue box.   There isn’t enough room to fit both woods, the pond, hills and rough ground into one box, so things are already getting tight, and we haven’t even built up the built-up area (read: village (read: in 6mm a village means one or two houses on a ) base).  We can stack some terrain on top of the drop cloth like so:

But we’ve also got nine feet of linear terrain to assemble in the form of six feet of road and three feet of river.  I had hoped to toss those on top of the drop cloth.  Might have to put the linear features under the drop cloth, and the woods or something on top.  We’ll see.

The larger lesson learned here is that the One Box to Rule Them All doesn’t have much room left for fancy dancy terrain features.  I’ll have to finish off the basics and armies before doing something silly like a wizard’s tower or magic circle of standing stones.  The good new is that it looks like there’s room for a second drop cloth in the box.  I may just try my hand at painting up a ‘fields and meadows’ drop cloth like the ones done by Small World Productions.

Not mine!  Click for the awesome source

That drop cloth is canvas covered by caulk and sand.  That’s to much effort and cost for my blood, but I may have enough fabric left over to try that paint scheme out for myself.

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