Undead Foot Sloggers

The blog has been a bit quiet lately, what with all the painting going on around the house.  Check it out – all the foot troops for the undead medieval army are done*.

Not a bad start.
Left to right: Levy, Men-At-Arms, Crossbowmen

All of these figures are from Irregular Miniatures.  This army was built using two matched Army Packs, one undead, and one army of the west.  We had to get a little creative to make it work.  As you can see in the picture above, the Levy are mounted in a fairly haphaazard manner, while the men-at-arms are in close order.

This poorly organized lot counts as Levy.

First unit of well drilled men-at-arms.

The twp photos above are both men-at-arms, but to make the army packs work the troops are mounted on the base by type – one is close order spear, the other heavy armored axemen.  The two bases function exactly the same under the rules.  They just look a little different.

More men-at-arms.

That’s probably the best shot of the Necromancer King’s banner – a white goat skull with flaming eyes on a green field.

Shooters, er, I mean “crossbowmen”.

Yeah, the OHW rules assume that the long bow was gone and all armies of the period had moved on to crossbows.  Not sure I buy that.  Absolutely sure I don’t buy more figures when the bowmen will work just fine.  One stand of bows and one stand of crossbows, each of which acts the same on the table, adds a little more variety.  And with the guys being this small, you can barely tell during game time anyway.

Actual crossbowmen.

With these done we can verify that the terrain works, too.

In the medieval rules, no one can enter woods, but this copse
will work great if I build a pair of dark age armies, too.
There’s room for a partial stand on the rough ground.  Have
to decide on a game by game basis whether the whole base
is rough ground, or just the rocks.

As January comes to a close, this makes for a good time to check the progress of this year’s big goal – a full set of terrain and two matching medieval armies for use with Neil Thomas’ One Hour Wargames (OHW).  So far we’ve got the terrain about 50% done (still need roads, rivers, and a town), and the armies about 25% done (half way to being halfway done).

 * Please ignore the bits of static grass clinging to the figures and banners.  I didn’t notice them until seeing them in the photos.