Quick and Dirty Comparison Shot

Let’s add to the pile of comparison shots floating around the web, shall we?  Last week I showed you the three power armored figures added to my space orc/space mercenary/mangalore squad.  Here’s a shot of the figures side by side:

Just noticed that one of the guys on the left is a little shy – his back
is turned to the camera.

On the left are the Star Viking figures from 15mm.co.uk (SVP02).  On the left are three of Ground Zero Games’ space mercenaries (SG15-X05). 

As you can see, the Star Vikings are a little bigger and bulkier than their GZG counterparts, but that’s what you would expect for guys in heavy armor.  They aren’t quite as detailed as the GZG troopers, but the blocky armor works well as some sort of exo-suit.  In addition to the unifying paint job, the swords are a nice little touch that brings the two units together.