Hump Day Dump Day #7: Short and Sweet

Started a second job, so things are busier than usual.  To free up some room in the schedule, I might have announce a few layoffs in the Children Department on the home front.

D&D Micro-Settings (The Dragon’s Flagon): When I think of “settings” for D&D-type games, I think of two different sorts of products. One is the sort in which an entire campaign may take place, detailing in broad strokes a fairly large geographic area. Many settings of this type have been published, and you probably know at least a few of them by name if not more intimately: Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, and the Known World (a.k.a. Mystara,) among many, many others. With this type of setting, you generally get a map, a description of the various regions, the nations and cultures, major NPCs and factions, history and legends, and probably some adventure hooks and a few new character classes or sub-classes. It’s the second kind that I want to talk about today.

Black Ops (A Life in Miniature): We had an opportunity to try the new Osprey rule set “Black Ops” last Thursday at the Club. A high ranking diplomat had been kidnapped by local rebels some where in Central Asia. The rebels were a mix of poor quality militia, mercenaries and an FSB team on site to interrogate the prisoner. A special forces team supported by regular troops were despatched to rescue him.

Into the Dungeon (Wee Blokes):  The party step into the Dungeon. This is the start of the Never-ending Dungeon. For this first level they have a map in their possession, so can temper their main rescue mission with exploration with the hope of bolstering their experience and equipment for future levels.

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