Support My Dungeon!

Relax, it’s not a Patreon call.  These ten support columns are cheap found items glued to washers.

They are called wooden dowel pins, and you can find them online or at any local hardware store.  In the hands of a woodworker, they would be used to pin wood joints together.  In my hands, they become fluted columns.  They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (see below) so poke around and get what suits your own needs.  I went with a classic look, a little on the small side, but take a look at these spiral cut jobs  – give the groove a glowing greenish color and you’re really talking  mad wizard’s lab.  A bag of ten set me back $1.99, so it’s definitely one of the cheaper and easier pieces to build.

The pink marble paint job is a flesh color base, white cream drybrush, watered down red for the veins, and a final light brush with bright white.  The wife thinks they look like blood is running down them, and maybe it is.  Whatever helps remind everyone that they aren’t in fantasy-Kansas anymore.