Massive Firepots

Another cheap version of an idea originally promulgated by The Crafty DM today.  Two enormous stone firepots resting on massive wooden frames. 

These are, of course, cheap electric tea lights bashed and painted for appropriate dungeon ambiance.  The LED lights in these things aren’t very bright, but they flicker a bit.  A subtle effect, but it gets the idea across.

´╗┐You may have noticed that the old robot used for scale has been replaced by a more fantasy suitable miniature.  The minotaur shown here is actually a Pendraken 10mm figure, but he’s a big 10mm, and works well as more of a human sized beastman when used as a 15mm figure.  He’s about 15mm to the eyes, to give a better idea of scale.  There are quite a few ‘big’ 10mm figures that would work well as ‘normal’ sized 15mm figures.  I’ll have to show you a few of the ones I anticipate using.