Another Field Report

South of San Francisco, in the sleepy downtown San Bruno, you can find a loverly little game shop called Heretic Games. Warning to you mutants and chaos-tainted types, the store is watched over by one of the Emperor’s  faithful.  Standing around six and half feet tall, he’s more of a tabletop version than a fluff version.  Your humble editor was more interested in chatting with the lovely store staff than hanging with this grim watchman of the universe.

Apparently, my work computer can’t rotate images 90-degrees.
I had to update this from a photo from my phone.  Absurd.

They’ve got a decent selection of games and some killer table terrain for your favorite devil’s own scale 28-mm games.  Those of us playing in God’s own scale will have to make due with the field tables, because the street tiles and industrial tiles are all in the big 28 style.  Great selection of the mainstream stuff, as is to be expected.

As mentioned they didn’t have anything specifically related to 15mm fantasy, but we clever adaptive types can always find something.  My go-to these days is the odder bits available in the Reaper Bones line.  

Lookithose little familiars, they’ll be great as larger but not quite giant animals, and those tentacles won’t just turn on the weird-os out there, they’ll fit right into the pool room.