A Wargamer’s Life: A One Act Play

Me:  I’m going to do more playing and less painting in 2018
Also Me:  I’m going to build four matched wargaming sets
Me:  That’s not gaming, that’s still painting
Also Me:  But it’s 10mm, that hardly counts
Me:  It’s painting
Also Me:  Have you seen these guys?
Me:  Say, that’s pretty – ah, hell with it, you know what?  Paint away.
Irregular Miniatures, take a bow

 Forty dollars netted me another big slew of 10mm skirmish figures.  Since these were bought specifically for this project, I could target actual needs.  The first two orders of business were to build some actual matched factions, so the new contenders are heavy on the high elves and greenskins.  I threw in a few cavalry troops, too, just to keep it interesting.  The new horde includes a few new heroes and some more skeletons to round out the undead faction.

Each kit will get three more skellies and a pair of bowmen painted up in a woodsy, maybe even wood elf style.  At this scale, they can do double duty.

I painted these bases a nice garish green with a hint of yellow to suggest grass, but they don’t match my existing figures.  Thinking on the matter a little more, I should use the ground cover to my advantage.  Since the figures are so small, it might make sense to match the ground color to a faction as well.  That’s more painting (Me: Naturally!  Also Me: Shaddup, you.) but whatever helps keep the gaming moving.  I’m thinking a nice gray ash color for undead, bright green for the elves, and desert brown for the orcs.  Then the heroes can have a more subtle green/brown base.

And all of them should work fine with the drop cloth.