Corrosion: Just A Taste

The first 80 minutes are free, but they tell a complete story from start to finish.  Reading this audio book the first time was a real pleasure – I’d already bought and read it before the call came down – and I like to think that my reading adds a little something to the tale.  There are a number of subtle threads woven through the entire book that I was able to bring out a little bit more in the reading,  A few of them I only noticed in my second read through!  There are probably other subtle winks and nods that went over my head.

The drama of this book’s release made it seem like a gimmick book.  Regardless of whether it was a gimmick that inspired Kalsi to put this book to ink, the results are anything but.  A surprisingly sophisticated look at the slow devolution of complex systems, and man’s ability to survive and adapt in the face of civilizational collapse, there are lessons to be learned here that go well beyond a well-deserved poke in a blowhard author’s eye.  Don’t let the impetus fool you – this book is the real deal.

Give it a listen, and you’ll see.