Just Released: Brand of the Warlock

Rob Kroese won me over with Schrodinger’s Gat, a trippy little jaunt with a lot less cornpone humor and a lot more quantum philosophizing than you’d expect from the title.  Now he moves into the realm of fantasy with the first title in his Counterfeit Wizard series, The Brand of the Warlock.

Just released on Kindle, it’s the start of an epic cycle of books for fans of high fantasy and fans of just plain solid writing.  The man knows story structure, and has a way of crafting fully realized characters that stick with you long after you’ve put the book down:

Once an ordinary soldier, his life was forever changed by a fateful meeting with a dying sorcerer. Now he is all that stands between civilization and the creeping evil of the shadow world. The Brand of the Warlock is the first book in the fast-paced sword & sorcery series THE COUNTERFEIT SORCERER.

Best of all, he’s pretty much got the entire series already written, so you won’t have to wait a decade between books to find out what happens next.  Grab this one now so you’ll be all caught up when book two drops sooner than you think.

About Jon Mollison

Jon Mollison was weaned at the literary knee of Tolkein, Howard, Moore, and Burroughs. He spent decades wandering in the wilderness of modern genre fiction, wondering when the magic and wonder went out of the world of dragons and space ships. In his darkest hour, he encountered a wise man who handed him the open secrets to crafting works that emulate the stories of the great authors who built the genre. They are easily summarized in but two words: Regress Harder. Now one of the twelve champions of the Pulp Revolution, his self-published works represent a more direct lineage to the tales of action, mystery, romance, virtue, and pure unalloyed adventure than the bland imitations churned out by New York City publishing houses in recent decades.
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