Taking a Bear to a Knife Fight

A death match that pits the bitter wisdom of the Big Bear’s X-Brigade against the energetic cunning of Nick the Knife’s Zoomies is just what the Boomers ordered for dessert. Those trying to force a direct confrontation between the two groups are fools and troublemaking drama queens who should step back, let the men figure it out on thier own, and then gracefully accept the conclusion.  If you have chosen one of these fine fellow travelers as your Captain, trust him enough not to act the Judas to force him to act according to your timetable.  If you want him to lead, do not goad him into action, but wait for his leadership.

If you don’t know what any of that means, it’s okay.  This is one of those esoteric discussions burbling about the margins of society that may or may not ever be recognized after it finally makes a bigger splash.

As for me and my house, we serve the Lord.  For now, that means we accept the wisdom, each in his own way, that the knife and the bear offer.  We wish them both the best, and will support each in his fight against…well, you know who and what or you probably wouldn’t be here.

While you’re here, I’ll also point out something very few pundits have observed.  The Groypers, aren’t going anywhere.  If the movement gets the full Baked Alaskan treatment, they’ll just scatter, regroup, and come at this under a new banner.  They are masters of routing around roadblocks and slipping the stiletto of rhetoric through chinks in the armor of social media.  You can’t stop them, and you can’t contain them, so you’d better learn to deal with them.