Castalia Review: Secrets of the Nethercity

Now up over at the House of Castalia.

Given that this is an adventure for mid-level characters, you’re looking at a minimum of six months of play or rolling up 4th level characters before first setting foot into the slop at the doorstep of this kilo-dungeon.  Not sure I’ll ever play this one, but the hard copy will set on my shelf, just in case.  A fun read, if only to pick up some ideas for how to organize a big dang dungeon to make it playable and easy for the DM to gradually build up to something really special.

Observant readers will have noticed that I have taken to posting links to works that I review over on other sites.  Really observant ones will have noticed that I also include fresh content here to provide some added color and personalized content.  Unobservant readers are not my target audience, but I still love you – hence this brief addendum.