Live on the WriteStream

David V. Stewart’s works have appeared here before.  No, wait, my reviews for City of Silver and Eyes in the Walls appeared over on the Castalia House blog.  Anyway, the point is that I’m going to be making an appearance later today on David’s WriteStream.

David is a solid talent and a great guy.  His WriteStream videos are a wealth of information both for readers who want a deeper insight into the complexities of publishing, or for writers looking for…the same thing.  He is something of a renaissance man, a professional guitarist, a working writer, and even a knowledgeable critic and practitioner of the art world.  He also knows more about guns than your average Texan, which is saying something, and more about fitness than your average American, which isn’t.  The point is that he always has something worth saying and something worth hearing. Even if not all of his content tickles your fancy, you’re sure to find something that does on his channel.

Here’s one of his more recent insights, and what an insight it is:

And now, he’s going to be plumbing the depths of my own imagination for deeper insights from a genre fiction writer who just can’t stick to one genre of fiction.

Here is the link to his channel.  I’ll try to get a link up to the stream once we get rolling.