Spreading the Love: Hard and Thick

Do you have the fever for adventure?

Clocking in at nearly 200,000 words, 241 full-sized pages, and with a title so nice it had to colon twice, now you can get a dead-tree version of Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love: Infectious Tales of Fantasy and Suspense Designed to Spread the Pulpdemic.

And it’s only $6.24 per copy – the lowest that Amazon would allow.

This independently crafted collection of high-T adventure hit number one in a couple of Amazon categories, even beating out viral anthologies by major NYC publishing houses.  You’re going to love it.  And when the power goes out because the guys at the power plant and the linemen and ruffnecks are all laid out with the Wuhan Wiggles, you won’t even need to recharge your hard copy to enjoy the ride time and time again.

In addition to a complete copy of my own Adventure Constant, it features works by some of the most successful pulptastic authors working today.  Jon Del Arroz, Brian Neiemeier, Alexander Hellene, JD Cowan, and a whole lot more.

Get it here.