How Not To Expert Responsibly

They think we are stupid.  Too stupid to notice what they think of us.

We notice.

Being an expert these days requires an unshakable confidence that you absolutely have the right answers.  Even if your answers change from day to day, just power on through the obvious contradictions as you adamantly assert your authority and dominance.  You won’t fool more than half the people, but you’ll fool the credulous who prefer the quiet comfort of a strong leader and welcoming tribe who tells them sweet lies.  And that’s enough to win a lot of elections.

Or you could tell the truth.  When your positions change, take a little time to explain what new information you have obtained that led you to your new understanding.  Let the world see you as a deep thinker whose authority stems from studied consideration of the facts, rather then a politically motivated calculation of what will do the most harm to the Bad Orange Man.

This is, despite our collective frustration, a good thing.  The mask (heh) continues to slip, and the harder they grasp at it to force the lie, the more they expose their fangs.  People continue to wake from their slumber, and as things grow more and more difficult, they will be forced to make the difficult choices.

Watch.  And wait.

The Bad Orange Man isn’t going anywhere.  For all his faults, he will continue to vex their plans and expose them for what they truly are.  He owes America a few more things before he bows out, but until then he will shine a ray of sunshine on these cultural vampires.

The system of lies always collapses eventually.  We saw this happen with one election loss by Team Clinton.  We’re seeing it happen in the comic book industry in real time.  We’re seeing it happen to the Devil Mouse.  We’re seeing it happen to the international reputation of the Chinese government and the World Health Organization (but I repeat myself) as responsible team players.

Soon enough, we will see it all come crashing down.

And if a few weeks at home is the price to pay for admission, it’s a price I’ll gladly pay.

It won’t be easy, but picking up the pieces of a broken civilization and working to preserve them is worthwhile.

Have faith.  Pray the world will earn God’s forgiveness before it comes to that.

In the meantime, wash your dang hands.

That’s always good advice, real virus or fake virus or no virus at all.