Jack Vance!

huge fan of the man, the myth, the legend who helped inspire the tabletop RPG phenomenon.

Learning the master of words had penned the story of his own life drove me to get my hands on the man’s autobiography.

And it was fine.  Easily the worst thing of his I have ever read, but the man sets a high bar.  His worst is still better than most writer’s best.

I’m a big fan is what I’m trying to say here.

Even though it doesn’t provide many deep insights, this autobiography still provides an interesting look at the mindset of one member of “The Greatest Generation”.  A rough choldhood bounced around between disgruntled family memebrs led to some faffing about in WWII in the merchant marines.  That faded into a lofe of bouncing around internationally, meeting his wife, and then embarking on a series of travel adventures.  He had a son, lived a full life, and wrote a library of books still beloved decades after his death.  Not a bad way to go.

The writing advice is slim. We learn that his wife was an active partner in his work. Anyine looking for keen insights into the creative process will have to dig deep or look elsewhere, because this isn’t a writing book.  It is a chronologic  record of one man’s journey from youth to near retirement.  It was pleasant to spend more time with the master of the fantasy and sci-fi genres, but non-fans won’t get much out of this work.