Wargaming Social Media

Forums represent the best that social media has to offer the miniature wargamer.

I’ve been slowly accreting some solid wargaming bros on the Twitter, but the ephemeral nature of microblogging means that the pictures and tales and rule discussions held there vanish in to the void.  What the site gains in immediacy, it loses in functionality.  It also takes a long time to find worthy individuals to follow and communicate with on the regular.
All those tips, like tears in the rain.
Compare that to forums, like my favorite, LAF, where all your conversations are stored and archived and fairly easy to return to even after a hiatus of several years.  What you can’t find through the site itself, you can usually dig up using your search engine of choice.  And you can instantly tap into hundreds of solid fellas slinging paint and figs, and jump right into the conversation.
It’s a whole different, and far more thoughtful, world on the forums, and that’s where I think I’ll stay.
Oh, and here on the blog of course.
In the meantime, if you have a twitter handle or a recommendation for the best guys to follow, lemme know, would you?  It’s hard to wade through the hordes of drama queens and 40K ONLY goofs to find the quirky sort of wargamers that really churn my butter.