Always an Alternative

No entertainment product is indispensable.

LOL Get Wrecked, Sport Nerds

There is always an alternative, even if it’s just reading bible stories around the living room.  The powerborkers – spelling intentional – forgot that the artificial little tribes they built around jerseys and colors mean a lot less to the public than the organic tribes that rose from community, religion, and yes – even race.  They flew too close to the sun, and now are plummeting back to the earth covered in wax and feathers.

Meanwhile, we’ve still got hours to kill, and although somebody posted this as a joke, my young daughter and I have bonded around…of all things…marble races.

Along with more than a million other viewers, we cheer on the Green Ducks, even when the struggle as they have through this 2020 season of the Marble League.  They did great last year, and they’ll be back.  I trust Mallard, the team captain to rally Billy, Ducky, Quacky, and Goose for a late season surge, and to show their true colors in 2021.

We have also learned to jeer and boo at the O’Rangers, who have dominated this season.  We sit on the couch and enjoy a quick and wholesome ten to twenty minute event every two or three days, and get a nice little wholesome dose of sporting drama complete with a light and pleasant play-by-play by the excellent Greg Woods.

Major league sports forgot: they need us more than we need them.

They can keep their wokescolding.  I’ll take an independent league of cheerful contests over that mess any day of the week.

Go Ducks!