My State < Your State

The Mayor of Honolulu noticed a real problem.  The people had adapted to all of his intrusive and un-necessary restrictions on daily life in these days of Chinese SupaDupaAIDS.  To make matters worse, those numbers did what he said they would if everyone adapted to his intrusive and un-necessary restrictions – they levelled off and began to go down.

Something had to be done.

A new batch of restrictions came out allowing use of the parks and beaches, but only by individuals.

If you’re a family with kids you have to stay home.

Ocean water, you see, spreads the virus.  Swimming near somebody is not like cooking, cleaning, and breathing the same air as that person 24 hours a day.

Of course that’s sarcasm.  That little peanut of stupid in Mayor Caldwell’s latest restriction turd isn’t really about stopping the spread of CoronaChan at all.  It has a lot more to do with enforcement than it does preventing the spread of anything.

And in a way, that is a good sign.

The current restrictions the Hawaiian Gestapo has placed us under are a clear indication that the people are rapidly reaching the breaking point.  They are flagrantly, routinely, and cleverly finding ways to work around every restriction thrown in their paths.  They are rebelling.  Quietly for now.  They are slipping through the cracks, and finding loopholes to exploit.  And thus the next turn of the great game opens with Caldwell easing some restrictions (hiking trails are open) even as he tightens the screws in new and creative ways (children have to swim alone or stay home).

The protests that make the news are showy.  The protests by those who just…walk away…are larger than you realize.