Scattered Shots and Thoughts

 Time to make a scene!

Can’t fight for the throne of the Trossian Empire if you don’t have a continent of Tros to fight on.  So let’s take a look at some of that scatter  This is all 2mm terrain from either Irregular Miniatures or PicoArmor.

Irregular trees on the right and, believe it
or not, hills on the left.
Very low hills.

Some water features, all from PicoArmor.

Not sure that I have a use for the coastal fortress or the light house, but the boat will make for a fine objective.  And even if they don’t have a use, they add a touch of scenery.

Towns and such from Irregular

Now that I’ve got these painted, I can map out and paint up a few ‘drop cloths’.  With the colors in pace and the river and widths established, we can move on to the next step.

PicoArmor churches, with a variety of extra steeples,
so you could make all these Orthodox if you want.
Figures for scale.

One thing to note on this, Irregular makes a much larger cathedral that includes the stone walkway you see in the center.  That cast wasn’t very good, and it was way too big to fit into my storage, so the centerpiece didn’t make the final cut.  I still used the stone base for a PicoArmor building, to…mixed results.  Looks great, but:

Now the church doesn’t fit into my storage box.  The colored boxes are 4″ by 6″ photo storage boxes that fit neatly into a carrything case.  That courtyard makes the cathedral just a little too big.  So I snapped off the steeple and now when I want to use there is some assebly required.  Gotta roll with those punches.