Sign of the Times

Spotted this at a little Mom and Pop diner in southwest Michigan.

This is how they reserve tables to allow for “social distancing” in accordance with Dollar Tree Hitler’s diktats.  It was the only indication anything fake was going on in the world.  The table full of good old boys, the kind (but sassy) old waitress, the business man we asked advice from – none of them mentioned the affliction, so it’s hard to know what they think about it.

It was easy to see that few wore masks from car to door and from door to table.  It was easy to see nobody cared that they wore masks.  It was easy to recognize a world where people had had just about enough of pretending.  They just had better things to talk about.

My own home state always races to stay three weeks behind whatever madness is currently ruining California.  Not a great sign, but given the swirling rumors that even the Golden State is tiring of the pointlessness of this whole fake crisis, it’s a good sign for the future.  At least on a few fronts.

Keep pushing back.  Even small rebellions like this sign add up fast.

We’re going to win.